fundamental part of EV ownership is charging the vehicle; it’s no different with the Lucid Air. And while more and more Airs are rolling out of the company’s Arizona factory, charging a Lucid isn’t as frequent an occurrence as adding range to a Tesla Model S or Model 3. That said, let’s review some of the basics of charging a Lucid Air EV.

Lucid Air Model Range

Air Dream Edition/Range
  • 933 Horsepower
  • 520 Miles
Air Dream Edition/Performance
  • 1,111 Horsepower
  • 471 Miles
Air Grand Touring
  • 800 Horsepower
  • 516 Miles
Air Touring
  • 620 Horsepower
  • 406 Miles
Air Pure
  • 480 Horsepower
  • 406 Miles

Lucid Air Charging 

Lucid uses an industry-leading 900-volt architecture for its EV platform. In comparison, Tesla incorporates a 350-375 volt structure, while the Porsche Taycan and upcoming General Motors Ultium platform rely on 800 volts.  

This technology allows Air owners to add up to 300 miles of range in 20 minutes via a DC (Level 3) fast charger. According to the company, this charge rate is for the Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring models. The specs for the lower trims are not yet available. Bringing a Lucid AIr to full charge takes about 13 hours when using a Level 2 system (a 240-volt station that’s installed at home). A regular household outlet (120 volts) adds one or two miles per hour to a Lucid Air.

The EV maker has also announced plans to add a bi-directional charging capability to its cars later this year. It’s a technology that turns the Air into a rolling battery able to transfer power to other EVs, homes, or other applications. 

Lucid Air Fill-Up: DC Fast Charging/Level 3

Level 3 (DC fast charging) systems offer the fastest EV charging available (similar to Tesla’s Supercharger network). In general, you’ll find Level 3 stations at public charging facilities; high installation costs (up to $100,000) make this technology too expensive for home use. Lucid is including three years of free 350kW charging for Air purchases made through June 2022. The service will be accessible through Electrify America’s nationwide network of 3,000 nationwide Level 3 stations.

Lucid Air Fill-Up: Level 2/Home Charging

Lucid includes a portable charging cable that can tap either a 120-volt outlet or a NEMA 14-50 240-volt connection (used for an electric clothes dryer). But, some owners may find the slow recharge time via a standard outlet to be impractical. In addition, most homes don’t have a 240-volt outlet in the garage. 

Lucid is directing its Air customers to contact installation firm Qmerit to add a 240-volt outlet or the optional Lucid Connected Home Charging Station. Costs run from $1,200 to $2,000, depending upon the work and equipment.


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Mar 14, 2022
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