ucid Motors is on the cusp of delivering its first car. They have been teasing us with videos, photos, and demo cars that have been driving around San Francisco and Silicon Valley for months, but this week they finally let the cat out of the bag! Lucid Motors announced that their limited edition sedan, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, will have an impressive 520-mile range. This announcement was what Daily Lucid said was a catalyst in determining when deliveries would take place. And with other events Lucid Motors is hosting, like production week, it's fair to assume Lucid Group is on the cusp of delivering their first car.

Lucid Motors has Registered Numerous VIN Numbers.

A vehicle identification number is a unique code, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. Lucid Motors has registered numerous VIN Numbers. Lucid hasn't officially confirmed this, but when you type in some of the leaked VINs into the NHTSA VIN decoder (an official .gov site), it displays information about...the 2022 Lucid Air. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder Here are some VINs you can try:

  • 50EA1DAA1NA000005
  • 50EA1DAA1NA000019
  • 50EA1DAA1NA000022
  • 50EA1DAA1NA000053
  • 50EA1DAA1NA000408

Dream Edition Updates

EPA Testing: EPA ratings are a must-do to get cars on the road. In the July investor call, Lucid claimed that they were undergoing EPA tests. In the second week of September, Lucid finally announced that their Lucid Air Dream Edition R will get 520 miles of range. This EPA rating is a massive step in getting cars delivered to customers.

On CNBC a few months ago Peter Rawlinson said this:

“We achieved a landmark last Friday when we started building our quality validation production run of cars. We completed our pre-production run very successfully. The quality validation builds are the cars that we eventually will sell directly to customers once we get the quality right. This is a big step in our mission to industrialize.”

So with this information we have, it seems to be that Lucid Motors is just waiting on a few things.

  • Completion of Merger (done)
  • EPA Testing (done)
  • Crash Testing (most likely done)
  • Production Preview Week. (September 27th, 2021)

Production Preview Week (September 27th)

The news of Lucid Motors Production Preview Week is the icing on the cake. It shows that there most likely won't be any deliveries in September, although Lucid could surprise a select few customers with their vehicle at Production Preview Week.

Lucid will open the doors of its Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) factory in Casa Grande to members of the media and financial communities, policymakers, and a select group of customers.

To air on the safe side, it’s logical to say that October is when customers could possibly start to get their vehicles.

In fact, many people believe that production preview week is when Lucid Motors will announce the date of delivering vehicles. During production preview week, there will be significant news outlets, key financial personnel, policymakers, and a select group of customers. So looking at this event objectively, it would be a great time to announce when customers can expect their car. Lucid has been getting increased media attention, and that's not by accident; the automaker is preparing to deliver what's been long-awaited.

The Daily Lucid Take

EPA...Check. VINs...Check. Media Week...Check. I think it would be safe to assume that we will get the official news of when Lucid Motors is planning to deliver cars to customers during the production preview week. Lucid Motors has not contacted reservation holders to confirm which variant reservation holders want Range or Performance, but this could happen in the next week, most likely during production preview week. So again I would expect the first cars to be delivered early-mid October.

To Recap

  • Merger complete
  • EPA testing is done
  • Crash testing is most likely done
  • Numerous VINs registered
  • Production Preview Week soon

These are all indicators that we are close to deliveries. If you disagree let us know! We would love to hear what you have to say Tweet us @TheDailyLucid


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Sep 19, 2021
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