ucid Motors is not a company that sits around and waits for things to happen. The EV maker has been doing some heavy lifting of its own, investing in necessary infrastructure in preparation for the Lucid Air and other planned models. Lucid Group currently has 16 service and studio locations under construction. In addition, the Lucid Group recently broke ground on their second phase Arizona facility expansion, which will ultimately see an extension of 2.7 million square feet, including mechanical and industrial building space.

AMP-1 Construction Updates

According to Lucid Motors, AMP-1 was designed with a "Future Ready" focus that allows for additional expansion. In total, four phases were planned through 2028. But with the injection of cash Lucid Group got from the CCIV merger, they have combined the subsequent two phases of the AMP-1 expansion into one expedited phase, with estimated completion by 2023.

As stated earlier, this expansion will provide Lucid Motors with an additional 2.7 million square feet by 2023. Comparatively, in its final form, AMP-1 will be 5.1 million square feet with a manufacturing capacity of 365,000 units per year. It will increase manufacturing space, which will include buildings such as:

  • Powertrain Plant
  • Stamping Plant
  • General Assembly
  • Project Gravity Assembly

Right now, three key activities take place within AMP-1, which are:

  • Body shell manufacturing
  • Painting of bodyshells
  • General assembly

Equally important, Lucid Group is not new to ambitious projects; they built their current 1 million square foot factory in less than a year.

"We broke ground on the 590-acre Lucid AMP-1 site in Casa Grande, Arizona, on December 2, 2019, and slightly less than a year later, we have completed the first purpose-built EV factory in North America,"

Said Peter Rawlinson, CEO, and CTO, Lucid Motors.

"The effort and agility demonstrated by this team are truly astounding, as we're already commissioning equipment compatible with the Lucid manufacturing system to start production of the next-generation EV, Lucid Air, in just a few months."

Lucid Motors Studios and Service Center News

Furthermore, nine Lucid studios are now open, with 10 more studios opening in the second-half 2021 and very early 2022. Other locations will include:

  • Millbrae, CA - San Francisco Peninsula (Studio & Service Center)
  • Seattle, WA - Airport Way (Service Center)
  • San Diego, CA - Westfield University Town Center (Studio)
  • Scottsdale, AZ - Scottsdale Rd. (Service Center)
  • Houston, TX - (Service Center)
  • Orange, CA - Newport Fashion Island (Studio)
  • Boston, MA - Seaport District (Studio)
  • Long Island, NY - The Gate at Manhasset (Studio)
  • Seattle, WA  - University Village (Studio)
  • Dallas, TX (Studio)
  • San Rafael, CA - Marin County (Studio)
  • Denver, CO (Studio)

Lucid says that their retail locations are effective as a sales medium and an important marketing tool. All Lucid Motors retail stores are or will be in high-foot-traffic areas.

From what I've seen in Scottsdale, AZ, most of Lucid Motors service centers and studios are pre-existing buildings remodeled to fit Lucid Motors brand. Which saves a lot of time and money. For example, the Scottsdale service center used to be an old antique car showroom, but now it's getting stripped down and turned into a Lucid Service Center.

Daily Lucid Summary

In essence, Lucid Motors is a company that has been busy preparing for the future. They've made investments in infrastructure, partnerships, and manufacturing, all to get ready for their release of the Lucid Air.

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Aug 28, 2021

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