espite this critical news not being in the investor call, Lucid Motors has started construction on their second phase, which will ultimately see an expansion of 2,400,000 square feet, including mechanical/industrial building space and approximately 3,000 parking spaces on about 152.36 acres.

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The second phase will also include these necessary facilities along with other general buildings.

  • Powertrain Plant
  • Stamping Plant
  • General Assembly

According to Lucid, AMP-1 was designed with a “Future Ready” focus that allows for additional phases of expansion at the site.

In total, four phases are planned through 2028 (the square footage of the factory will expand from 999,000 square feet to 5.1 million square feet). The final form will have the manufacturing capacity of up to 400,000 electric cars annually (multiple models).

With Lucid wrapping up all the essential development for the Lucid Air, it is time for them to start focusing on the production of Project Gravity, Lucid’s premier SUV. This is a good indicator that Lucid Motors will take the production of Project Gravity seriously and that Lucid sees major growth in the future.

Lucid Motors completed the construction of the first phase of its Lucid AMP-1 (Advanced Manufacturing Plant - 1) factory in Casa Grande, Arizona - within a year since the company broke ground on the 590-acre site on December 2, 2019.

Lucid Motors Phase 2 Plans

Why Did Lucid Motors Choose Casa Grande, Arizona?

Arizona has rapidly become an epicenter for electric vehicle and self-driving tech (Google Waymo, Apple, Lucid Motors) and it’s now the site of three big new semiconductor factories as the U.S. struggles to increase production during the global chip shortage.

The mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad connects Casa Grande to major ports and transfer points in Los Angeles and El Paso, Texas. It links 23 states, connects with Canada’s rail systems, and is the only railroad serving six significant destinations in Mexico. “Part of the reason Lucid Motors chose to develop in Casa Grande is that there’s already an existing automotive-based in Sonora, Mexico, that can supply parts,” Andersen states.

Finally, Casa Grande offers easy access to three crucial international airports. Phoenix Sky Harbor, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, and Tucson International are all within an hour’s drive from just about any location in the county. Phoenix-Mesa Gateway is also home to SkyBridge Arizona, the nation’s only joint U.S.-Mexico customs inspection facility, which streamlines shipments to and from Mexico. And Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey approved new infrastructure investments, including $33 million to rebuild the Gila River Bridge on I-10 between Phoenix and Casa Grande.


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Jul 24, 2021

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