s we get closer to the CCIV merger, and deliveries we decided to scour the internet and compile a list of what Lucid Motor retail investors, reservation holders, and future customers would like to see on the Lucid Air that's coming in the 2H of 2021.

The Exterior

The exterior of the Lucid Air has been well received; there hasn't been too much criticism. The only common complaint about the Lucid Air's body is the panel gaps. Notably on the front left/right side, at the headlights all the way to the charging port. And on the back left/right side where the trunk meets the quarter panel. These panel gaps tend to be an eyesore, and once you see them, you can't really unsee them.

Other criticisms that were less common but still valid are:

  • Rearend is "ugly" or "forgettable."
  • The color choice is limited
  • The chrome trim

Main Takeaway.

  • Make the gap as small as possible OR completely redesign it, so the panel gaps are somewhere less noticeable.

The Interior

The interior has been well received; many people like the choice of materials used, patterns, layout, and the car's natural light.

The only contention is with the dashboard and screens. Some say it's too many screens; others say they don't like how the display "wraps" behind the steering wheel, but personally, here at the Daily Lucid, we like it.

Main Takeaway

  • There is none. Lucid Motors can't change its screen layout because a few people dislike it. We personally think it matches the car. Do you agree lets us know on Twitter @TheDailyLucid.

UX/UI & Infotainment System

Other than the Lucid User Experience Revel, we have not seen too much surrounding the infotainment system. But we still compiled a list of all the most common wishes when it comes to the UX/UI and Infotainment; here they are:

  • No lag. It needs to be smooth like an Ipad
  • The text needs to be readable from all driver angles.
  • Intuitive design, for example, how easy is it to adjust AC while driving
  • Intuitive voice commands with Alexa
  • An IOS/Android app with multiple car functions (lock, unlock, open frunk/trunk, valet mode, etc.)

Did you miss it? Watch the Lucid User Experience Reveal.


It's pretty well known that Lucid Motors is positioning itself as a luxury brand, but many still can't seem to get over the price point with the lowest model starting at $69,900. Some people think that there isn't anything innovative in the Lucid Air Pure to justify that cost.

Main Takeaway

  • Lower the price for the Lucid Air Pure, as only the range and interior beat Tesla.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the common criticisms we found that many held about the Lucid Air, but until we see the final product, we can only hope and pray that it comes out as good as we imagine.



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Jul 24, 2021
Lucid Air

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