Lucid Motors has been in the news lately for the upcoming release of their new car, The Lucid Air. The company not only has a revolutionary product, but the Lucid Group is also at the forefront of technological developments when it comes to EV batteries and powertrains. Lucid Motors has engineered an all-electric vehicle boasting 500+ miles of range per charge. No other company has been able to do such a thing. So if it's true, it's time to say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to Lucid Motors!

Lucid's Battery Technology Has Been Refined Over 10 Years

Whether you want to admit it or not (Tesla fanboys), Lucid has developed awe-inspiring battery technology. Their innovative strides in battery tech led them to supply the pinnacle of electric racing. Formula E. If you ever watched an early Formula E race during the halfway point in the Grand Prix, racers would pit, get out of their race car and jump into an identical race car that was fully charged.

During that era of Formula E, the racecars could simply not make it an entire race; the battery technology was really lacking. Atieva, now Lucid Group, came to Formula E with new technology that doubled energy capacity, enabling races to be completed with a single charge, transforming the sport forever.

That same proprietary know-how and intellectual property developed for Formula E has been translated into Lucid Motors EVs, which is why the Lucid Air estimated range is a whopping 500+ miles.

A Power Unit So Dense It Puts Popeyes Biscuits to Shame 

Lucid Motors has developed a drive unit that has increased efficiency and power output while reducing the physical size and weight. They did this by combining the Motor, transmission, and inverter in one unit called an LDU (Lucid Drive Unit).

Lucid's Drive Unit is so compact it can fit in an airplane carry-on. The LDU is a feat of engineering; it is the world's most powerful motor for its size and weight. Each unit can generate up to 670 hp while weighing just 163 lbs. But wait, there's more! The horsepower to weight ratio (HP/KG) is staggering. To put this in perspective, Lucid Air will have a 9.0 HP/KG ratio…another American EV brand that starts with a T has a 3.2 ratio…

Ultra-Fast and Bi-Directional Charging.

Lucid Motors incredible battery technology enables charge times to be even faster. The Lucid Air GT and Dream Edition will have a 900V system that is 300kW DC fast charge capable. The GT and Dream Edition Airs are also expected to be the first bi-directional systems to market.

So, what does it take to say goodbye to range anxiety? It takes race-proven battery technology that's been in use for years. State-of-the-art synchronous PM motors and 900V inverter technology to get delicious 500+ miles of range, so when you drive from LA to SF, you don't need to stop; you can just keep going.


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Aug 22, 2021
Lucid Air

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