he CEO and VP of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, delightfully announced or instead teased the concept for the revolutionary electric SUV which the company is producing under the Project ‘Gravity’. The 7-seater will possibly see the light of day in 2023, and the company has been tight with revealing any major information about it. However, leaked intel from the closed doors of the California-based company gives an insight as to what the car could look like.

Judging by these sources and the official confirmations on a chosen few topics, here is an idea as to what this revolutionary SUV might look like when it hits the streets in 2023.

Gone are the days of small 2-seater electric cars which needed regular charging and generated low power. Nowadays, EVs are ahead of the game as compared to the conventional ICE-powered vehicles in the market. Lucid Gravity is a shining example of this as the machine can achieve acceleration from 0 to 62 MPH in an expected 3.5 seconds. Which is substantially impressive for an SUV, let alone an electric SUV. The dual-electric 1,080 HP motors run on 113 kWh hybrid batteries which employ an amalgamation of lithium-ion and NMC components.

The Gravity can cover an estimated 403.8 miles on a single charge which is a metric that far exceeds its major competitor, the Tesla Model X. The car’s stationary battery storage (ESS system) can be efficiently fast-charged in an astonishingly small amount of time because of its special charging unit that Lucid calls the ‘Wunderbox.’ Due to this piece of tech, the car can be charged for a run of 310 miles in just 20 minutes.

Moreover, the Wunderbox converts the low voltage supply of 400V to a higher voltage making it possible for the car to be charged at most power stations. For ultimate versatility, the Gravity also has an in-built AC to DC converter. The most exciting feature that comes with the Wunderbox is bi-directional charging. This means that the car can be charged via home supply, and it also supports reverse charging. Similarly, one Lucid Gravity can also charge another, making it the perfect community assistance vehicle.

While being beefy on the inside, the car is also astonishingly beautiful on the outside. The chassis of the Lucid Gravity is designed to look futuristic. The car has a stretched wheelbase with a skateboard design. The chassis, in general, is about 0.6 inches longer than the Lucid Air and is much wider, allowing great seating and storage space. The front trunk is four times the size of the boot in the Tesla Model X, which gives the Lucid many bragging rights. The roof has an all-glass panel which can be replaced with a moonroof or sunroof. For longer travels and adventure rides, a travel box to be fitted on the top of the vehicle as well.

The Lucid Gravity is an efficient ride for both daily and off-road drives. It has adjustable air suspensions, which can lower or raise the ground clearance of the chassis. The front of the car has the thinnest LED strip in the industry. Several critics speculated that the width of the headlights might not be able to provide enough luminance. However, recently, Lucid revealed that they have used a micro-lens array optical system to enhance the light and illuminate the farthest corners. The car shall also be fitted with top-of-the-line Pirelli tires for ultimate grip and safety.

The Lucid Gravity has an adaptive driver-assist system (ADAS) which allows parking assist, collision prediction, lane tracking, and eABS due to its 32 sensors, including cameras and radars for a semi-autonomous drive. In case of emergencies, Gravity deploys a comprehensive airbag mechanism that assesses the crash and acts accordingly. The company has patented this safety system under the name ‘DreamDrive.’

Since Gravity was teased in a tweet by Lucid in September 2020, it has made a buzz for its fantastic infotainment features combined with pieces of fancy tech. Lucid Gravity boasts some of the most intriguing elements in its tech arsenal, which provide both luxury and comfort for the passengers. The front of the car shall have a massive 34-inch all-touch HUD with AppleCarPlay and AndroidAuto built-in. Likewise, the car also has integrated Alexa, which is voice-activated and can be used to shuffle music, navigate routes, and check a personalized calendar.

All these and more can be controlled with a synchronizable mobile app in which one can enter the details of their journey, monitor battery status, and locate charging stations along the route. With their Lucid ID, the owner can unlock the car. Likewise, the car reveals its door handles as the owner approaches. Once inside, Gravity runs a facial scan to ensure that it is the right person in the driver’s seat.

Even with a truckload of exciting features listed above, there is much that is yet unknown about this magnificent machine. However, even with this much intel, it can be safely assumed that Gravity by Lucid will surely be a revolutionary SUV that shall tweak the EV segment for good.


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Jul 24, 2021
Project Gravity

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