he Lucid Motors “Dream Ahead” event officially kicked off Sunday, July 25th, at 5:45 PM EST, revealing the Lucid Air in different locations in New York; before their first day of trading as LCID on Monday, July 26th.

What Does This Mean

This event could be a precourse to more good news to come this week. In an Investor call earlier this month, Chief Executive Officer Peter Rawlinson said, “The testing and validation of Lucid Air is progressing well...It’s on track for the second half of 2021 start of production for customer deliveries.”

We are now in the 2nd of 2021, and there is still no news about customer deliveries, but that could all change in an article the Daily Lucid wrote that outlined why we think that Lucid Motors will start deliveries in August.

A few things needed to be checked off the list, and one of these items was the merger between Churchill Capital and Lucid Motors. Now that Lucid Motors will be trading under their ticker symbol, it makes sense to release more good news about production updates and other company news.

Taking our focus back on the Dream Ahead event, the display of the Lucid Air may be the appetizer; maybe we will get the entree tomorrow once LCID officially begins trading.

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Jul 25, 2021
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