ancy ice cubes, opulent EVs, and stunning showrooms, the Lucid Group is branding itself as THE ultimate luxury EV brand. In the world of marketing, strong brands enable consumers to distinguish products from other competitors. Brands cultivate affinity, trust, customer loyalty, and as a bonus, customers don't mind paying a premium for the products. Having a strong brand is ultimately what creates winners, and Lucid Motors recognizes that. So here are the reasons why Lucid Motors will be the go-to luxury EV brand.

1. Treading a Delicate Balance Between Refinement and Innovation 

Lucid Motors understands that luxury is not necessarily minimalism; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. The Lucid Air is the blend of innovation and luxury, something that Tesla is lacking. The Lucid Air offers:

  • Sophisticated upholstery options.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.
  • An incredible glass canopy.
  • An optional executive rear seating package.

While not compromising on technology at all. 

The Lucid Air's main display is one of a kind. It's a floating 34-inch cockpit panel that curves around the driver's seat, presenting all the information you need in 5K. The Air also comes with 32 sensors comprising cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, and a long-range, high-resolution LIDAR placed at the car's front. 

2. Power of Exclusivity 

Having something that others can't easily buy or access is the epitome of luxury, and that's precisely what Lucid Motors did with the Lucid Air Dream Edition. This limited-production model was crafted to celebrate the launch of the Lucid Air. The Dream Edition comes with an extraordinary combination of high-performance, extended range, and unique design details, and to be honest Lucid Motors will probably never design anything else like it. Tesla doesn't have any exclusive models, and people who have money and like luxury like to feel special, and to feel special, you need exclusivity.

3. Customer Experience

If you have not been to a Lucid Motors showroom or studio, you really, really, really need to go. The Lucid Studio design translates into a welcoming physical environment where visitors can learn about Lucid Motors in a pressure-free environment. Every Lucid Studio offers a digitally oriented luxury experience tailored to each customer's preferences using 4K VR configurators; Lucid's Virtual Reality Experience combines the physical and virtual worlds to showcase seamless personalization of everything from interior finishes, materials , and exterior color. In addition, the showroom gives you a feeling of elegance, and there is nothing quite like it, words don't do it justice, you have to see for yourself!

4. Sustainability 

At Lucid, we're creating a future where doing great things goes hand-in-hand with doing the right thing. That includes forging a new set of ideas for a post-luxury era rooted in fundamental values such as sustainable transportation. The theme of sustainability informs every aspect of Lucid's activities as an automaker. In Lucid Air, we are building the most efficient EV ever made. We seek materials from the most responsible suppliers ‚ÄĒ with a focus on sustainable standards and the potential for recyclability. And our factory is the first purpose-built EV facility in North America ‚ÄĒ designed expressly for our needs.

The Lucid Group understands that consumer values are changing. People want products that align with their morals and brands that are genuinely authentic. Lucid is positioned to address the wants and needs of a new generation of "post-luxury" consumers. 

 5. Performance 

Lucid Motors has a racing pedigree. In terms of powertrain and battery technology, Lucid Motors is superior to any other EV Company. Lucid's technology division develops and builds the battery packs powering every car on the Formula E grid, the pinnacle of electric racing. It gets even better. The Lucid Air has a projected EPA range of 500+ miles, 1080 HP, 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and a 20-minute fast charge that gives you about 300 miles of range.\


Lucid Motors: looks past traditional definitions of luxury to appeal to customers who expect more, including brand values, experiences, and designs without Constraints. Lucid appeals to people who value purpose and meaning, and who realize that the decisions they make have an impact. Lucid appeals to people who are no longer willing to compromise for luxury since they can have performance, technology, and sustainability.



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Aug 16, 2021
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